• Joumana Antar

     “Culture for All” program tackles diverse cultural topics that targets audience from different ages, economic, social and cultural backgrounds.  

    The communication between the lecturer and the audience distinguishes the sessions and improves the discussions

    We became a family that meets every Tuesday and welcomes new guests! We also build connections with the lecturers and the Doctors. Through this program, Safadi Cultural Foundation enriches Tripoli and reserves the city’s cultural rights.

  • Salim Dablis

    My participation in Our City Our Way project was not planned at all! Despite that, the project helped me to put in practice what I have learned in architecture classes and thus helping others.

    In addition to the computer and engineering classes learning outcomes, I met new people from different backgrounds, ambitions and ways of thinking.

    I hope that similar projects reach all Tripoli in the future so that we can come out with original ideas! 

  • Fouad Abdin

    Our City Our Way was a great experience from which I learned many skills especially in 3D modelling. The project at its first stages surprised a bit Kifah Street residents who liked the idea then and cooperated with us.

    It’s nice to make a change in your region! It was like a dream which I was not able to achieve due to the absence of opportunities.

  • Fawaz Awad

    “Culture for All” is a brilliant idea implemented for the first time in Lebanon. It raises openly different social, scientific, cultural and artistic topics on an academic level through a simplified introduction that facilitates the public understanding.

    I learned about new and important issues that added to my knowledge and exposed me to contemporary and futuristic cultural and intellectual horizons. The way topics are tackled make them more interesting in addition to their importance.